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 Cat ,Bear,Dire Bear Form & Moonkin Form

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Cat ,Bear,Dire Bear Form & Moonkin Form Empty
PostSubject: Cat ,Bear,Dire Bear Form & Moonkin Form   Cat ,Bear,Dire Bear Form & Moonkin Form Icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2007 11:42 am

The Dire Bear form stats bonus are messed up ..instead of 400% armor bonus i get 300% and instead of 25% hp bonus i get for bear form the bonus armor is 290% uber instead of 180%, but same with stamina. The Cat form gives no agility bonus.
Moonkin form hase the same problem as Dire Bear form...300% armor insted of 400%.
For all form i still get polymorfed. As for the act of shapeshifting it dose not free the caster from movement impairing efects or polymorph.
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Cat ,Bear,Dire Bear Form & Moonkin Form
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