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Free Antrix server 2.1.1 and 2.1.2
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 Server rules

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PostSubject: Server rules   Server rules Icon_minitimeWed Jul 04, 2007 7:33 pm

Please follow these rules ingame to ensure a fair and fun gameplay.

  • You must speak english in all public channels. ( say, yell, world,lfg etc. )
  • You may not corpse camp.(Punish -You will loose all gear/lvl/stats)
  • You must respect all GMs and Administrators.
  • Watch your language, you may not curse.(Kick, Account Lock 1 day, Ban(days))
  • Exploiting/abusing a bug is not allowed and is a banable offense.
  • You may not beg a player or GM. (Kick,Lock character)
  • You may not advertise your site/server.(BAN)
  • You may not duel in cities or in the beginning areas (first kick then ban)
  • You may not fight in pvp against another player that is more than 10 levels below you (i will take 1 level away from you for each report)
  • Fear is not allowed in cities (character delete it)
  • No threatening/hurtful comments toward a player/GM.
  • Complaining at all will get you kicked, and if you continue - a ban.
  • Spamming chat will get you an ip/account ban.
  • Do not use all caps, it is annoying and you will be kicked, repeat offense you will be banned.
  • Ignoring a GM/Administrator or putting them on your ignore list will be an instant ban.
  • Impersonating a GM or Administrator.
  • No racial/hate comments or jokes.
  • Do not openly argue/fight with another player, keep it to whispers.
  • Using ALT+F4 on purpose (In instances or PvP and PvE situations, in order to avoid death) is considered an ABUSE and will be punished with character ban.<LI>All bugs will be reported on the forum not told at the gms..
        Romanian Rules

  • Gm-ul nu este "Bah,Mah sau alte nume inadecvate " Tratati gmul ca pe o persoana civilizata. (kick)
  • Gm-ul nu este taxiu ... are alegerea sa va duca unde vreti sau nu .. nu insistati pe chestia asta.
  • Nu chemati gm-ul numa ca vreti ceva prostesc..
  • Vorbiti civilizat in toate canalele (lfg , yell , chat, whispers etc)
  • Daca aveti vreo nelamurire sau sa raportati un bug .. faceti-o pe forum nu in joc
  • Nu aveti voie sa cereti iteme / gold de la alti playeri sau mai ales de la gmi
  • Nu aveti voie sa cereti sa vi se tranfere level pe alt charu sa vii se schimbe ceva la caracter

If you choose not to follow the rules listed above you may be banned, kicked, de-leveled, or face another consequence.

If you have been witness or victim of somebody who broke them ... Post a screenshot with combat/chat log ... and the gms will deal with him.
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Server rules
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